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"We always strive to give quality products to our customers"





"Proudly Made In Malaysia"


TooWild Juice is Malaysia new leading ejuice brand. Started as Malayan Vapor on the early 2014. Distributing Malaysia’s flavor to the whole world ever since. Incorporated since May of 2017 as TWJ Marketing. Widened our range of business as TWJ Marketing with TooWild Juice in November 2016. We strive to give better life to people to quit smoking. Only four month after officially incorporated, TooWild brand won international vape expo awards. We received our first award in September 2017 at Ukraine Vape Expo (Vape Smile Awards) judged by Vaporound jurists. This award proved the effort made from our team is not just business, but what we always strived for is the quality and after sales service towards our partners and customers.TooWild always struggle for quality and product improvements day by day. 



“Taste Is Everything”


Super-Premium ejuice, thats what they have been calling TooWild juice standard. We always believe quality product determine t he future of an entity to sustain and widened. We created our ejuices line-up based on demand from various topography and their taste-bud. Wild Fruit is the first fruity juices series from TooWild. Consists of 6 different types of fruity ejuice taste. Try to believe, you would not get enough of this TooWild e-juice! Tired of the same taste every day, we created not a single or couple-taste of ejuice base, but for sure more than three based fruits as the base in the single ejuice. This is so called premium taste of TooWild Juice.


“TooWild”, wild in taste, wild in lifestyle. We always believed taste of the juice and product packaging goes along with the empowerment of the brand itself. Nice packaging, good taste, it’s a perfect blend of premium taste. We offer you choices of various tasty juices line-up to be dripped into your vaping device.







To provide a quality eliquid for users all around the world. Quality is the main chriteria ofr user in choosing the best eliquid to be used as replacement for tobacco in order to stop smoking habit.




TooWild always struggle to become a modern, progressive vaping company delivering a contemporary customer experience. Modern is about getting the brand to where we need to be today and progressive is about doing what it takes to be TooWild customers will be expecting tomorrow.

We apply the best practice in all areas of customer service and assistance and also maintain the quality of vaping products and affordable price to our customers.



Thanks to all supporters and keep using TooWild Juice!




“Wild Enuff?"